We respect our greatest patrimony: Earth

Casa dei Girasoli is a corner of uncontaminated and protected nature, that loves and respects our planet and cannot remain indifferent in the face of the problems of increasing pollution and consequent environmental changes.

We are environmentalists. We deal with the environment every day, it surrounds us: the landscape we admire, the clean air we breathe, the land on which we live, the fields we plow, the trees we prune. Our daily commitment is to allow you to admire all this, intact.

With the goal of conciliating tourism and nature, Casa dei Girasoli has been restructured in total respect of the landscape and natural patrimony, and various measures have been adopted to reduce our environmental impact.  Thermic solar systems with photovoltaic panels have been installed in order to obtain consistent energetic savings; all our appliances belong to class A or superior; we recover rain water for irrigation.

The Azzurro and Arancio apartments were restructured in 2013 by using ecological materials with thermic insulators on the roof and the walls, to reduce thermic dispersion; our framings were realized specifically to avoid heat dispersion; our air-conditioning system was realized with a hot water-producing fan coil system, which allows for adequate energetic saving.

The Azzurro and Giallo apartments also feature functional fireplaces, synonymous of domestic warmth and welcoming, which during the winter serve both as alternative heating sources and as a place for our guests to share relaxing moments while rediscovering the fascinating atmosphere created by burning wood.

Thanks to our ecologic commitment and your cooperation…

let us improve the quality of our environment together!